A CartoDB Client for WordPress

Create Amazing Maps with Your WordPress Data Using CartoDB

CartoPress is a plugin that links your WordPress site directly to CartoDB, an open-source and API-driven web-mapping platform. Geocode your posts, pages, and media and CartoPress will sync to your CartoDB account, allowing you to take advantage of CartoDB's visual editor and CartoCSS styling options.

One of a kind

While there are multitudes of other plugins providing mapping support, most are exclusively Google Maps-based instead of based on open-source solutions such as Leaflet; few are focused on geo-referencing your WordPress content; and CartoPress is the first to specifically target CartoDB.

Your data, your maps, no hassle

CartoPress was built to provide the ability to turn your WordPress-based site into a geo-CMS using the CartoDB platform, allowing you to design dynamic interactive maps and geo-spatial appliations from your existing WordPress data. While CartoPress allows you to add robust geolocation to your WordPress posts, pages and media, CartoDB brings infinite possibilites of mapping and visualization. CartoPress makes use of CartoDB’s powerful APIs to act as a bridge, enabling you to easily import your WordPress data directly into your CartoDB account. Add or update points on your map simply by adding or updating a post!

Key Features

  • Georeference your posts, pages and media attachments using the built-in CartoPress geocoder
  • Automatically sync Post Title, Summary Description, Permalink, Post Date, and all Geo Data to your CartoDB dataset
  • Intuitive interface allows you to easily configure settings to sync Post Content, Featured Image, Taxonomies, Author, and Custom Fields to your CartoDB dataset
  • Streamlined processes will automatically insert new posts, pages and media to your maps
  • Provides the ability to manually input and edit and delete geodata, optionally choose to not sync data on a case-by-case basis
  • Add a custom summary description to your post to display in your map’s infowindow, and link to your posts directly from the map!

Benefits of CartoDB

  • Use CartoDB’s intuitive visual editor to quickly and easily spatialize your WordPress data with wizards to make simple, clustered, choropleth and categorized maps, density and heat maps, time-based torque maps and more
  • Customize your map’s styling using CartoCSS, an end-user-friendly styling language based on CSS; choose from a variety of built-in basemaps or use your own custom basemap
  • Create custom views based on your data using built-in SQL support
  • Enhance your map by adding additional layers from the CartoDB dataset library or your own source
  • Easily publish maps simply by sharing a link, embedding directly on your site, or build a custom geo-spatial application from your WordPress data using the cartodb.js API
  • Use CartoDB to export your data into various geo datatypes including SHP, KML, GeoJSON, CSV and SVG
  • CartoDB is an open-source platform and offers a free account providing a wide range of abilities for individual users, while upgraded accounts offer enterprise-ready solutions